Secret Heretic Banshee

Level: The Great Journey

On The Great Journey, once you start the level, melee the white elite until he falls off of the cliff. Then melee the elite in the spectre, but don't hurt the spectre. You need to stand at an angle to do so. Then, don't drive any vehicles from then on. Walk past all the enemies (I recommend playing on easy for this to be done) and once you get to where there are two wraiths guarding a doorway, kill them by boarding them, and do this by ONLY melee. Then continue on through the doorway. Go on as you would normally through the level. At the part where you finally make it to the top floor where the scarab is, skip the cutscene. Then carefully jump down from the platform onto the ground. Go all the way to the beginning of the level, without using, firing, or destroying vehicles. Once you get to the cliff (that you push the elite off in the beginning), this is where that spectre (which you killed the elite inside at the beginning) comes in. Get in the spectre( ignoring the other spectres), drive it carefully off the cliff, and at the bottom, you will find a new heretic banshee with a dead elite under it. You may then fly the banshee outward toward the building. There is also another heretic banshee on the ground farther out. Good luck!

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