See Through Chief's Visor

Level: Various (Halo 3 Beta)

If you get into a mongoose and you have the 3rd person view someone can get behind you and you can position yourselfs so that you are looking straight through his visor. This was only possible in the Halo 3 beta which has since long been lost in the sands of time.

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Damn! Never knew he was so ugly!

Too bad this was lost in the sands of time and probably somewhere hidden in the files.

Yep, unless someone has the beta code somewhere.

It's not MC. It's some random spartan in match making.

Yeah I remember this! We drew his face from putting all these Master Chief face together they fit well but many are in Beta so I think that is his face.

it's actually the model of a bungie employees face :O look for it on halopedian

they look like realy bad scars... strange for someone who NEVER see with his helmet off

In a halo 4 talk by the makers they show a animated face of chief. Half helmet half face and it looks nothing like that

Oh come one guys you can see that the spartan is blue and master chief is not blue

Halo 4 isnt even being made by the same company. Halo 4i s gonna be an abomination of the halo series, mark my words...

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