Spartan Death Coincidences

Level: Various

Don't you guys find it ironic that all of Noble Team (except Jun) died in a certain way similar to their own attributes? Jorge, he was the big guy and he died in something bigger than himself; Kat was the brains of Noble and she died of a headshot; Carter was the Captain of Noble and he went down with the ship; Emile is the close quarters fighter and he died in (you guessed it!) close quarters; and Noble 6 was used to being the Lone Wolf and he died alone.

Can anyone think of one for Jun?


I think Jun committed suicide after hearing what happened to noble team. (Maybe???)

Maybe Jun found out that he was bald so he committed suicide.


Jun never died, he escaped with Dr. Halsey

I think Jun was killed from a very long range because that's how he rolls.

i think he he got shot by a sniper

Since he left with halsey, he died very far away.

i think jun is going to die by a sneak attack by an elite

maybe Jun's survival reflects that as a distance fighter, he, if anyone would be the least likely to die

I think he should survivr amd show up in the next halo=)

he has ptsd, so i thin he will sometime get crazy and commit suicide.

my friend messaged bungie after he beat the game and asked how he died. they said he died fighting off a sworm of brutes at castle base and halsys pelican was later destroyed by a covent destroyer in space

he wouldnt shut up so they shot him in the face

Shot himself in the leg with his sniper rifle.


Jun's role as a sniper meant he had to engage enemies from unknown positions in order to stay hidden. Therefore, his death is also unknown.

I think hes master chief just think about it his armer is green master chief is green he is the only one who survived and hes good at combat and he spent more time with dr.someone and cortana is part of dr.someone of corse hes master chief dr. someone saw jun in combat so thats y cortana choosen master chief pay attention to the story

@Halo player 117
Not meaning to bash on your...assumption, but Master Chief was inside the cyro-chamber on Pillar of Autumn during the events on reach(Involving Noble team) and where you say that Jun spent more time with Dr.Halsey(Dr.someone) and Cortana that is irrelevant because Cortana had already chosen Master C as her "partner" if you will and only used Noble Six to get back to Master C. Also at no part in the game does Jun come into contact with Cortana. Where did you get your facts?

From da story when u saw master cheif in da chamber thing its just a easter egg same as untexure master cheif in da back ground of piller of autem its imposseple to have two master cheifs in da game and where do u think jun go he maybe cumit suidcide or got kill by da covenet I think both of those r 25% he could of done 50% that he can be master chief hes boald and my friend said master chief is boald its like u guys think master chief is blond and haves long hair jun propply was on piller of autem they reward him a new helmet and let him relax and took a nap in da chamber thing and dr.hasly I think died of siuidcide accedent or jun got tiered of her blaben her mouth so he shot her and said a brute killed her

Y dont u say something about jun if ur tellen me what I said cant happen

Is any one gonna say something

he died with stealth? | :(

@Halo player 117
All I'm gonna say, dude, is you need to read the books. Technically, we still don't know what happens to Dr. Halsey, but it's a lot more than getting shot for talking too much. Just sayin'...

Im not a fan of books I takes a long time to read them and I think it takes u to a different story

mabye he got sniped by a hiding jackel with a beam rifle

I don't think so he was left at glacer or what ever was that icee place he was not left in da woods by a pelacen ok all of da spartans died but not him he was alive and he is master chief ok

@Halo player 117
Stop trolling man...not cool. afrayedknot 13 is right, you really need to read the books for the story to make complete sense.
I know one thing's for sure though. A lot happened in a little time in the halo saga, and not everything's crystal clear. Many things are yet to be fully explained...but that's the beauty of the halo saga, there is always a sense of mystery. (I'm glad they don't spoon feed us)

Jun was a sniper and stayed in the shadows, so we don't see how he dies. If you look on the ground near the turret where Emile dies you can see his body.

he escaped with dr halsey and is trapped in Onyx

What da heck is an onyx

I agree with everyone that says that Jun died by an unknown cause, because thats his nature. I do NOT however, agree with "Halo Player 117". We have never seen master chiefs face before. Your friend saying he's bald is like me saying that Cortana has red eyes and is bald. Plus the fact that, Jun's and Master Chiefs voices are diffrent. Even the change of a helmet does not effect the voice of any spartan, as any helmet that you put on Noble Six, his voice does not change. LizardDown, i dont think that Jun is with Halsey on Onyx, becuase never once in that story did it mention Jun. And Jun is a spartan III and MC is a spartan II. And master chiefs name is John. yes, there names are closley related, but theres no way that sevreal people mispronounced Juns name that many times. There are so many more diffrences between the too, but i think you got my point; Jun is not Master Chief.

See maybe bungie will make a second part were u play as Jun and see how they died nd not to be rude there is no way Jun is master chief because Jun has an axcent and Master chief don't nd there voices don't match but even i think he is because yes he did leave but maybe he got there befor noble 6 nd them did nd they put him in there but maybe he will be in halo 4 even though they said chief was the last spartan and it's such a shock that Jun was the ONLY spartan that lived but then Jun is S-266 nd chief was S-117 nd this is the last thing how come both there names start with J because Jun then John so what is bungie gonna do maybe they find him in halo 4

I think he was shot in the head while trying to protect Dr. Hasley

I don't know about you guys, but I pushed Jun off the cliff in the sniper level (forgot the name of it).

why don't we send a message to bungee and find out what happened and put it on here so we can all know about what happened to jun so w can shut up

@halo player one one 7
dnt mean to kill ur buzz but on halo 3 u can c master cheifs face by putting a overcharged plasma pistol up to his face and geting someone else to walk right up to his face and u can c inside his helmet, wich i have done, and he looks nothing like jun, hes gota big ass scar down his face and his face is more chubbier than juns aswell soooo jun aint master cheif and im suprised that no one has realised that master cheifs name is actualy 'John', sooooo all i can say is Jun aint dead cause he my fav spartan and btw spartans neva die, there just missing in action, 'M.I.A'

an onyx is a pokemon from the GBA handheld from pokemon red version

I siad nithing about jun for a long time lets just ait for halo four and lets see who's right me or all of you guys and why don't any of you guys make your own idea to what happen to jun so I don't have to anser your guys negative sayings to my ideas like lets wait halo four will anser the question

@togoodforyou123 Hahaha. Good one.

Other spartens died not just noble team look around on lone wolf

GUYS he did die. carter said do what ever it takes to keep the ailens away. and when they took off could you not see the shock wave of the boom on the ground. jun boomed the whole place killing himself.
jun was always proud of himself. yet he bloo up himself. case closed

i think jun is master chef

ummm...jun is NOT the master chief.

My first run on Lone Wolf we found his body.

jun didnt blow himself up his pelican clearly lies over the blast unharmed

Honestly, i think that Jun was outsniped by either friendly fire (somehow) or by a Zealot Covenant. Possibly even a grunt, if you can believe it.

Jun is still alive because he is the sneaky one who always stays under cover

wtf im not dead

I think he should've had his eyes gouged out by a jackal assassin!

found juns body while playin lone wolf on legendary last night left fo two-three seconds to kill elite and juns body was gone probly a glitch but there you

@lonewolf master229 : lol Yeah I ran into his body my first run on Lone Wolf on Normal! xD
Halo Easter Eggs Team

To anyone who thinks Jun is master chief, follow these steps: 1.listen to jun speak. 2. Listen to master chief speak. 3. Stop Being retarded.

Jun is a puss >:| If he was a real spartan, he would have died courageously, like the others. Also, Jun is NOTHING like Master Chief. They don't really have the same shade of green, and there helmets are different. GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT!!!! xD

@HayleySkittlez : hey quit hatten on Jun. he was pretty cool. Sure he didn't have a death scene for some reason but does that mean he is dead? NO. Does that mean he is John?... NO. Does that mean he is a wimp? NO! Bungie didn't give him a death scene for some reason... So calm down.
- A Star from AnEProGamers
The Halo Easter Eggs Team

I am not Jun S-226. Jun is Noble Teams sniper specialist. I am not a specialized sniper. I am not part of Noble Team. Jun is M.I.A. and just like a snipers victim. No one knows what hit them.

Jun probley arrived on the pillar of the autumn (as its being fought for) and Jun walks up to the chief outside his cryo chamber.
Jun: Hey nice to meet you ,I will be your wingman!"
Chief: Oh you know theyre's still a fight going on down there
Jun: Really what do you think I should do?
Chief:Just hopp in that pelican right next to keye's carrier
Jun: Thanks Chief
Chief watch's the jun's pelican crash to the ground
Chief: How ironic ,He died like the rest of Noble Team by doing pointless work that any marine could have done just as well.


Given the fact that Jun has a bad habit of talking continuously even at the worst times, one can say that the covenant finally heard him and Jun met his Demise. Also you guys may have heard Jun on several occasions mention his "Cooking" on the level Nightfall. Maybe Jun died in a cooking related accident:P Now that would be a death worthy for a Spartan.

I think that Jun is mostly silent so hes gonna be assasinated


Jun and I made it safely off of Reach. If you read the books, I make it safely to the planet Onyx.

I really coduln't ask for more from this article.

he could of still been on reach when it exploded

he could of still been on reach when it exploded

Noble six is master cheif and he never dies go on theater mode the cut scence after ur helmet cracks do it in slow mo you'll see that he didn't die he kicks the energy sword out the elites hand

You don't really get to know or see Jun that much so that's what happens to him, he just disappears.

he did on the field. he was sniping an enemy an the bullet ricocheted off a wall an another an another till it came back an hit him in the visor.

Cortana said that on halo1 there was no one else that survied the ring but sgt jhonson some how survived so since they say there is no more spartans they could be wrong.....?

Nice reading, Haloplayer. I bet you didn't even notice "da" other message:

"my friend messaged bungie after he beat the game and asked how he died. they said he died fighting off a sworm of brutes at castle base and halsys pelican was later destroyed by a covent destroyer in space"

u kown that jun go's to some base with Dr.H in a pelican well i think (key word think) in the end of the game where six's helmet is. in the part were cortana talks about 6. it zooms out and then it stops zooming u can see on your left u see a base! but on your right u see a crashed pelican so is he dead in that pelican or in the base safe and alife p.s a cryo chamber is a bed where u can sleep for ever and ever and ever and not get old

Jun was in New Alexandria ordering a moa burger when a bungie employee standing next to him noticed that he was jun and said, "Your supposed to be dead"
and shot him the end

ok 1) you guys are playing way to much in to this the guy who's friend messaged could be lying(or the guy himself) 2) you guys guessing at the death aren't thinking enough a sniper has a code or list of priorities if you wil: step 1. Kill target in first shot. step 2. Try and hit a 2ndary target to avoid detection and if can't resort to step 3. step 3. make sure your safe and if position is compromised move to new location (stealthily if can). So to each his own, but I think since he was a sniper he was a survivor so he in the end he died from natural causes.

P.S. I also don't think Jun is master chief, although it is an interesting suggestion. He couldn't be master chief the evidence is too much against him.
The last thing i want to add is that all of this is just the way i see it you may agree or disagree, but the point is just think about all that your typing and all the factors in it before you post.
AKA (this is a disclaimer for all those who want to wine, shun, or hate this post thank you)

Some of you people are either stupid to a point that simply cannot be legal, or the worst trolls ever.

Perhaps he got out-sniped by an enemy rebel or something.

You are all f****** retarded apart from the non retarded ones(the people who said jun is DEAD because he is unless he can trasform into a magical fairy and fly away
1.Master chief was kidnapped at 3 trained as a SPARTAN II
2.Master Chief was doin a space op with two other spartans one of which died and hes on the other side of the planet
3.their voices are different personallitys are different the book first strike it describes Master Chief without his helmet on and its nothin like Jun
5.Jun is not mention in any of the books
6.halo reach game is a contridiction to all other of the rest of the halo story line and makes no sense what soever exaple spartan IIIs had nothing to do with the fall of Reach
7.Reach did not explode it was glassed (surface turned to lava)
8.Noble 6 isnt master chief either so dont even start that
9.if you read the books Sgt. suvival at the 1st halo rin is explained
Now for my made up story about Jun I hacked campain just to betray him because he mentioned hes cookin one to many timesXD
Sorry if I crushed your dreams about Jun but im just statin facts

Jorge-Big guy, died with big explosion
Kat-Brains of the team, died with a headshot
Jun-Master of stealth, never seen again
Carter-Captain, died with his ship
Emile-Close range specialist, died close range
Six-Lone Wolf, died alone

Wow, Um ok John is not Jun, thats just stupid, haloplayer117 I dont know if your 5 or 15 but get your facts straight before you post stuff like this on a chat site, honestly, just read the books ive been playing halo since 1998, and trust me, Jun is not John 117, no one really knows how Jun died, onyx seems like a fair assesment, but he isnt mentioned in the im not thinking he died defending Dr. haisley but theres no way to be sure....anyway, hit me up if you want to know more...PhilRedX

I believe jun died of old age, sometime around 2582. In the halo reach legendary edition, there is a letter from someone who mentions "an old man". After this there is some kanji numbers, so although it doesn't specifically say, Jun looked a bit asiatic so it may be him!

Jun didn't die. He was one of the few Spartans to escape the planet with dr. H. He later died fighting for dr. H's safety where he ultimately failed. But jun did not die on reach. jun's body is at the very begining of lone wolf on the platform to your right!he is not master chief, he is not surviving with dr. halsey, and he did not survive!

I agree with Dr. Halsey and the Master Chief. Jun did not die. I forget which book it's in (the Fall of Reach, I think? or maybe First Strike...) but there is a very small reference to his name, easily passed over. To the dudes who think Jun is the Master Chief, a little more clarity. The Master Chief is a S-II, and by this time is probably in his later forties or early fifties. Jun is a S-III, in his thirties somewhere. The two generations were created at least a decade apart, and even then each company of S-III's had several years in between them. I can see why some people would make that mistake, but honestly, it's clear you haven't either studied or understood the storyline of the Haloverse. Ask any hardcore Halo player, who's read all the books, played all the games, found all the easter eggs, etc, etc, they'll all tell you the same thing.

reading the comments suggesting that Jun is Master Chief, I just gotta say that Master Chief's name is John, NOT Jun. Besides, I doubt that Jun's service tag was S117. Jun most likely survived or got killed in an unknown location. Anyhow, he is, at this moment, M.I.A

hey i died the way i lived misteriosly

i do think jun died but it wasnt on reachif you look at all cutsenes.

I bet he took an arrow in the knee..

Jun is not dead because my friend was playing halo combat evolved and saw jun as a marine next to keys when cheif talks to keys in the begining of the game

@VGstoof, i know this was a while ago but i am pointing to your 'master chief in the cryo tube' bit that you put a while ago. sorry to burst everyones bubble that thinks that, but that isn't him. it's actually Linda in the cryo tube, and she dies on board, and proof can be seen as an easter egg on the halo: cea just if you want to see it, heres instructions: when you go through the corridor overlooking your cryo tube, turn around as you exit the room and you will see another enterancego in there and look at alll the screens. p.s. @HALOPLAYERSUCKS Dr H is still alive in halo 3, so i don't think she does die my friend, if you've read the 'Ghosts Of Onyx' book then (SPOILER WARNING) you will know that she is trapped with 6 other spartens on a forrunner shield world. and that's at halo 3 time, so chief isn't the last sparten, just the last that humans know about.

I'm gonna wrap up the points so far:

1- Jun is NOT Master Chief, there is no relative details.
2- He didn't die fending off brutes at Castle Base.
3- deaddiamond's theory about the final scene IS a possibility, though a rare one.
4- He and Dr. Halsey MIGHT of made it to Onyx. I haven't read that book yet, so correct me if I'm wrong.
5- His armour is visible on "Lone Wolf", for a few seconds. Another strong possibility.
6- A sniper-related Injury is an idea, though I don't think he died from his own ricocheting bullet.
7- He DEFINATLY didn't die in a Cooking accident. That's just not an option.
8- Jun CAN die on the sniping level... Temporarily. And only in you try to kill him.
9- Jun didn't meet Master Chief, John stayed in the cryo-tube since he was wounded fighting in space over Reach.
10- He might of still been on Reach when it got glassed.
11- He didn't blow up the underground cavern, you see his pelican fly over the blast.

All in all, less than half the statements in this topic are likely.

He's a sniper and snipers arent meant to be seen

He was told to not let anything into covy hands. Maybe from the artifact that caved seconds later?

jun the stealthy one... was never seen again

What I think happens is that since he is the sniper, always having to be in unknown places to attack, his fate is UNKNOWN. Another way to look at it is that since snipers are long-range shooters, he probably went somewhere "FAR AWAY" from the planet of Reach, where you can't "SEE" him. In simpler terms, he is truly MIA.

I heard from a friend that in a halo book or Encyclopedia or something like that, that Jun died after halo 2 when humans and elites formed an allegence he saw some soliders that he thought were prisoners( I guess he hadn't heard about the treaty) so he shot an elite. The soliders tried to calm the elites but not before they rip Jun's head of.

Jun is currently in the witness protection program

Hey guys I know this does not match with this article but something to think about...
Who do you think that is more badass? Noble Six or Master Chief? I mean, I know MC survived and saved the humanity n' all... but, think: What if Noble Six died before or never went to Reach? Certainly nobody would be there to hold of Covenant forces. Maybe Jun would be there and make Six's final job? Maybe Chief would wake up, hold up the Covenant, used a banshee to fly back to the Pillar of Autumn and return to his Cryogenic Tube? Maybe Chuck Norris would have thrown The Pillar to space and teleported back to Earth? Maybe Thel Vadaam (The Arbiter) secretly betrayed The Covenant forces and lied to the Prophets about it, saying that the last known spartan (Six) killed them? I don't know. Certainly, The Covenant forces would explode the Pillar (or the entire planet) with MC in it, resulting in further disasters, like the not-destruction of the first Halo ring, the possible continuous alliance between Sangheilli species (Elites) and Prophets, the not-annihilation of the Flood, and, the biggest catastrophe, the annihilation of the remaining Humans. All that Six did-All that every single spartan did) helped Master Chief and Cortana's survival. Please answer me! I want to know your opinion guys!

Jun dies in halo 2 when the Arbiter's general killed him

Jun's death was Ironic because he was so sneaky he was never seen again


Jun followed orders, escorted Dr. H to safety and lived to tell his grandkids the story. Soldiers get lucky that way sometimes.

he was shot down in a pelican by an anti-aircraft turret or something because on one thing it said his pelican he was riding in was shot down and he died protecting halsey. there's a clue to this (from another person who posted but i didn't look closer yet) after dying on lone wolf and going to the cutscene where it shows your helmet.

I haerd that his pelican crached by a phatom

Jun always stayed out of being attacked since he was a sniper. So, he was never killed.

Watch Halo: Legends The Package for Info on Halsey

Jun the stealth expert never seen on reach again. DISAPEARED

He and Halsey go to castle base at the end of reach which later is on the verge of being over runed and some other Spartans(I don't remember their names. One was Fred) find them and their trapped in it while the fall of reach is happening outside and they head for some fall out bunker and they blow up castle base but early in the book it had said it must be manually fired killing the person who triggered it. All the Spartans are present after that besides for jun. This is not forsure but from the books and games I think that's how he died

Excuse me but june was both the lookout for noble and he died in one of the books looking out for doctor Halsey read a book and get educated instead of relying on video games. I'm eleven and I read the whole series so I know. Spoiler it said doctor Halsey was captured and there was a dead spartan lookout at the crashed pelican and jun was the only person to go with doctor Halsey so I know how he died. He was a lookout/bodyguard and he died looking out or body guarding doctor Halsey. Suck dicks defeated by a 11 year old. P.S Stop believing that jun is master chief there are four halo games and 2 books to dispr

Jun is not chef because chief survives and saves humanity and at halo 3 play the last mission and you hear chiefs name. Also stop relying on games to tell you answers pay attention to some literature in one of the books it says doc H was captured and there was a crashed pelican with a dead spartan bodyguard around the fall of reach and the only spartan with her was Jun as so in the background of the cut seen lone wolf was a pelican. There are four games and 2 books to disprove your therory. So jun was the lookout for noble and he died looking out for doc H I'm 11 and you guys probobly figured this out at 17+ that's freeking funny LOL.

Jun kept his distance and flew away

Im sorry, @halo player 117, But jun isn't master chief. His Voice and name is different. (There names are similar, but there not The same.) Jun's voice has a accent. Master chief (A.K.A John-117) Dosen't have an accent. One more thing. the names are similar, But its john, not jun. -Jun Isn't Master Chief117

Jun died on the pelican that got shot by a phantom along with doc hastly

Reasons why jun is master chief:
Same color armor
so who wants to be a retard and agree with halo player 117 and I? Cause Jun is obviously master chief because they have the same color armor. And its not like Jun coyld have died facing down hordes of covenant to get Halsey to a secret ONI base where she could be rescued by Spartan II survivors and make it off-planet.

BTW: when Carter said "leve no evidence" he meant "kill yourself and Halsey if you are comprimised. Really i have too much to say on this matter that would fit in this.

Jun was the stealthy one and he just disappeared.

he's still alive according to the Halo Wiki

Bungie told us that only one spartin made it off Reach alive. That one spartin was Jun

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