Spartan GRD Doll Easter Egg

Level: All Maps In the Anniversary Map Pack

Appearntly the Leaked GRD Helmet in the Defiant map pack also appears as a doll Easter Egg in several maps in Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary, also said to be hidden in the Firefight map, but the location of it is at the end of the video below.
Have fun!

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Thanks to my friend Chrisco he was the first to find this egg.

@zRed Penguin, well it was nice that he got to play before the rest of us. :P But we thank him for the help and spoiling of Easter Eggs. :P

I wonder if this will be an unlockable helmet any time soon

the guy cant see half of everything

LOL. You hit it, and it makes a noise!

They may just be a goofy easter egg made by bungie but if its a unlockable helmet I wouldn't be surprised.

My computer won't let me play the video where's the easter egg?

@ Jordan, sorry bro. Try updating your Flash Player or something. Or go to You Tube to look it up. It isn't as easy to explain as it is to watch.

There are one of these on all of the anniversary multiplayer maps!
if you need help finding them ask me and i can help you!
- Blackstar Halo

@ Blackstar Halo : We know where all of them are, and know a lot about Easter Eggs and about this game than you do. We are still working hard to post more Eggs. The only reason to accept your comment was for this reply from the Halo Easter Egg Team. We know where they all are. We knew 5 days before the game was released.

How do you get to the easter egg on Damnation Anniversary when i use the turrent and then press to up button to go into forage mode it puts me in the wall but then i die right away and says i have fallen to my death can you please explain to me how to get to it im confused thanks.

@ryantheman62 : If you would take some more time to check out the rest of our eggs, we show Twice, another way to obtain the GRD Doll on Damnation. There is a switch.

nope they didnt find it first a website called acheivement hunter did

@lol : Ugh. I didn't say they found it first. I am just answering questions with the Egg I approved and edited. Also yes, "Achievement Hunter" is a small group of guys, THE ROOSTER TEETH GUYS! We know that "lol". And I am sure they did because um, I don't know, ... They are Rooster Teeth!

man you guys need to lighten up a bit

But very nice job finding these i never would have found them without you guys

idk if this is just me but i had a terrible time trying to get the one on pennace

You forgot one ;)

I found all of them and I got the breackneck grid doll with a grid! LOL

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