Suicidal Marine

Level: Floodgate

Spawning in Floodgate, any difficulty, follow the path in town, once you get to the gates that are damaged, go into the left alley, and go into the courtyard with Marines and Flood fighting, go into the structure on the right of the ramp and see a Marine get infected, dodge him and go left into the big Marine and Flood battle go into the next big room and get onto the bridge in the middle by taking some stairs near the right of itself. Go across and into the room with a hole in the middle of it, jump down and a cutscene of Cortana is there, get out of the room by walking through some doors in the back, this will take you on the other side of where the ramp was in the courtyard. On the right wall of the room, there should be a door that leads to a small room, and some more Flood will come after you. And there will be 2 walls splitting the room, ignore the doors, you can't go through them. Once your done moving around the second wall, there should be an open door, and by now you can hear the Marine sobbing about killing his infected teammates. If you stay there long enough (I estimate 10 minutes or so, maybe less.) the Marine that was sobbing will shoot himself in the head with a pistol. You can kill him also.

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You know, you don't need to go through all that trouble to find him. We found him easy on the spot. And how is this an Easter Egg?...

holly fuk, i remember this.

poor guy

Great artclie but it didn't have everything-I didn't find the kitchen sink!

It's an easter egg because it references the first game's Marine trying to kill you.

there's a similarity on reach. if you go to the building where you encounter the buggers, you can find a marine who keeps referring to "tenticle creatures" and fighting themselves just like the flood were "tenticle creatures". the only thing about the crazy marine in reach, he said something about methane tanks being strapped on to the marines. thats the only different thing. one more thing before i finish up this post. sometimes you see the crazy marine in reach with his magnum up to his own head and sometimes you just see him looking around in fear. i think bungie put this in to remind players of the suicidal marine in halo 3.

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