Suicidal Marine

Level: Uplift Reserve

This is a nice little easter egg in the sense that it's somewhat of a tribute to an egg that was in Halo 3. On uplift reserve there are two marines having a conversation, one going crazy and suicidal, ranting about being trapped in a zoo by the covenant. The neat thing about this one is that the marines voice is the same as the marine in Halo 3 who is suicidal over the flood.

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There is a Suicidal Marine in every HALO!

lol i think u straind a metoporh

when i watch the video i saw the crazy 1st marine soldier has a broken leg and the other marine soldier talking to him

I always find him he got shot and hes freaking out bad and hes towards the end of the level

I like how their is so many suicidal marines in these games LOL!

On time when I saw this Easter egg, the softer told me to laser him

One time I was playing and I found him. After a while the medic told me to laser him

I lasered him.

I thought this and the red vs. blue in halo 3 was part of the campaign. I was confused and when the doc told me to laser him, I did cause I thought I was supposed to. lost 600 points. :(

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