Teddy Bear

Level: Mombasa Streets

Somewhere on the Streets of Mombasa you will find someones lost teddy bear. It can be quite tricky to spot so I will leave the hunting up to you.


Tell us where the firetruck it is!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretty lame. There isnt a teddy bear in the halo reach eastereggs!

Mombasa is a pretty big city....

Interesting, it would have been funnier if they used the Teddy bear from the Monkey family in Halo 3.

Just the type of isngiht we need to fire up the debate.

not cool man that city is really big and the bear is really smal just look at it where am i going to find a teddy. its smaller then that pistol there

they stole from call of duty

i see it its in the dark but hard to see

i see it its in the dark but hard to see

how could they steal from cod if it came out first doiy

The one in reach is a lot easier to find, but I like ODST way better than reach!

Does anyone notice the dead grunt in the picture?

thats a peace of a grunt

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