Tribute Room

Level: The Package

The video honestly explains this much better than words can. You basically have to flip a switch and fight a bunch of Elite generals. Once you have done that, you unlock a door that upon entering will transport you into a corridor. Go down there and you will find a room basically full of easter eggs, a tribute to everything Bungie thinks is cool. HEE did not make it into the room unfortunately, maybe next time.

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What exactly is there? I'm typing this on a phone so I can't view videos

@kid It`s basically a big thank you to everyone who has been a fan of halo and to the people who made videos like the warthog jump and Red Vs Blue.

There is actullay an Easter egg in this Easter egg. A paper near the front of the room has "Bungie's 7 Steps For World
Domination" written on it. And 7 is Bungie's favorite number.

When in the room turn on your night vision. The pictures become much clearer and you find some which are normally in pitch blackness.

i like Hasley now

I DONT GET IT!!!! the switch isnt there and i keep on dying!!!!!!

@ TracerRound000 : Are you on Legendary with more than one player?... Go checkout CMNeir.

The switch is on the far end were the first warith starts nd when u hit the switch u fight a bunch of energy sword elites

One hour, four liters of soda, and sixty-four deaths later we were successful

theres also 7 elite generals... if you get it..

Seriously where is the building and switch.

hi guys sum of the tables and posters are not there and i herd emils face is on one of the counsels with the rest of Noble team and i wont to no how to fex it pleas help me thanks.

Thanks I found it theres a bunch of terminals and bungies 7 steps to world domination

This is sweet but I wish it would generate a comment about me in the room... I just got to see all of the same comments on the video. Pretty ridiculous that you guys found this though...

What level is theis in the campaign? and what checkpoint is it at?

Dude I love easter eggs.

The tribute room has a secret trick if you die outside the room then respawn inside you have full ammo on weapons

You can get your ammo in the room by respawning inside.

What part of it has to do with Easter Eggs

Woah dude totally awesome! After this me and my friend were hopped up on coffe after the hours we needed to stay awake but so worth it! Also, is Emiles face shown in the easter egg room?

You can et outside of the Tribute room by going into theatre mode and go through the door you cam from.Just fly up and you can go where the energy ball is.

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