Troll Face on Pillar of Autumn Notice Board

Level: The Pillar of Autumn

If you look at the notice board on the pillar of Autumn, you can see the popular internet meme, 'trollface'.

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Anyone else notice that the planet in the picture looks an awful lot like the Halo 3 Legendary ending?

It won't rest till its in every game..


@Spirit, actually, now you mention, im sure thats what it is

and with such a cheesy tagline, im sure that's what qualify s the trololols

where is it

@ yo yo : You're kidding right?... Really, I even put a RED CIRCLE on this for any people who didn't know or can't find it. Are you serious?.....

Fist of the Unicorn is an old kung-fu movie. Kinda interesting because Bruce Lee was supposed to only be Choreographer, but footage of him working was later spliced into the film. Kinda reminds me of 343's involvement with Halo.

Lol! U mad bro?

So the cancer is spreading to my favorite franchise...

problem bungie ?

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