Untextured Master Chief Model

Level: Lone Wolf

Load up a Lone Wolf theater game and go into free fly camera mode. Backtrack until you find the huge structure in the background of the map. Somewhere on top of that structure is an untextured model of Master Chief.

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How long did it tack you to find that huh? huh? I found it the day halo reach came out and did it on legendary!!! no chiz!!!

This figure is located in the Ship Yards of the Pillar of Autumn.

Hey pal, Halo CE and Halo Reach are two diffrent games. Not to mention the fact that no one really cares that you you (maybe) did it on legendary.

I would put this on youtube but i need more info when you die on lone wolf everyone knows how the number 7 is bungie's favorite number well the Arbiter YES THE ARBITER is on reach he is the 7th one to come he is the one that standes next to your helment people say that halo wars is not part of the saga but it is yes that Arbiter died but in halo 2 they show all the Arbiter that died befor you

That Glitch is Beast!

Go on lone wolf in therata mode look around and more dead spartens not just noble team!!!!

That level is FULL of Easter Eggs, your spartan also changes sometimes if you get lucky.

Hahahahahaha u think u kno anything u dnt kno shit about halo @Halo ce player ur the biggest noob of all hahaha

hahaha your right!

If you wanna get out of a level in thertare load it now at the start pause it In the cut scene press the back button < in the menu keep doing this till you pop out of the level

If you back up after you see master chief there will be a blue sun

If you go past the split mt there are several large covonent ships enjoy

There are random soldiers standing near dead spartins

it doesnt evan work i tried and i wasnt there and also what building theres no building

I did it the easy way, which is pausing before the cutscene and I takes you a little distance away from it.

You do know that "arbiter" is just a position given to elites that have shamed themselves and are trying to get redemtion, right? Cause then your argument of how the arbiter dies and its "not possible" just falls apart. Plus he wasnt on Reach dumbass.

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