Valhalla Date Messages

Level: Valhalla

When your xbox console is set to different dates certain messages will appear on the side on one of the bases.

- January 1st: Make Love Not War
- April 22nd: A skull with a recycling sign.
- May 5th: Toady Was Live!
- July 4th: BBQ at Bob's Place
- July 7th: Seventh Column Symbol.
- October 31st: A grave stone reading R.I.P."
- November 11th: Kilroy Was Here.
- December 25th: A Christmas light with an X on it.


Ha ha, these I never could find one, but I never knew you could change the date like on the old XBox.

kilroy was here is a reference to brothers in arms

kilroy dates back to the 60s.

Kilroy was on a cassette for the band who played Mr. Roboto.

I actually think that last picture is the Kenyan flag. Just saying.

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