Various Graffiti

Level: Mombasa Streets

In the streets of Mombasa you can find various graffiti messages scattered around the place. Some are harder to find than others and require looking in some of the little back alleys.


THEY ARE EVERYWHERE and many are the same, and many are funny! There are also many Easter Eggs of the man running the city leading you with signs.

There's a sceert about your post. ICTYBTIHTKY

There is actually one thing of graffiti that makes a nod to the next realsesed halo.
It says: Remember Reach

i didnt know this was a easter egg derp

There was also one that was a nod to Halo 3: Believe. If you went to a certain location (I don't remember where, sorry) you could find the numbers '117' scratched onto the wall next to it.

I got lost on that level ( don't ask me how ) but it was probably the best level to get lost on because of this

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