Weapon Cards

Level: Tayari Plaza

There are a couple of these in the game but the easiest of find is on Tayari Plaza. Make your way through the game until you find a flight of stairs where there are some Elite and Brute bodies at the top. If you can hear Buck saying "What happened here?", you are in the right place. The Superintendent should reply with "Final notice, bill passed due". Continue upwards to a balcony with a dead Brute and Elite. To the right of the Elite you will see the card. The cards seem to show a number of never before seen Covie weapons.


Halo Reach Weapons?!

one of them looks like an auger from resistance 2

When buck says what the hell happed here just before u meet the jackels go right and more dead brutes and dead elites and then... BUCK:hey Veronica wanna tell me. What's happening here what r u seeing and DARE: my names dare looks like. A family fude DARE:sorry that's classafied BUCK:heh some things. Never change

Halo 4 weapons - I betcha!

We just stumbled upon them. BUT GOD DAMN! We didn't look at them long enough to realize they weren't the regular Covenant Weapons!

possibly halo 5 weapons......

@theifman222 : Very Unlikely, and also some of them are in halo Reach so it is just an Easter Egg.
The Halo Easter Eggs Team

Thanks alot - your answer soveld all my problems after several days struggling

they were probably revealing what the weapons were going to be in halo reach. but it looks like most of these were just what they thought the weapons were gonna be. all of them aren't in the game except what looks like the assault rifle and the plasma repeater.

they are hybrid covie weapons. Look on the bottom right, it's a brute shot and something. bottom left is plasma rifle(brute) and spiker. do the math.

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