Webmaster Cereal- WEB-O'S

Level: Mombasa Streets

Inside the first building your going into on the begging mission on the campaign, before you exit into the courtyard full of grunts, there should be a couch to your left, around said couch are various breakfast foods, i.e: orange slices, a bowl, a plate and a spoon. Along with these is a box of cereal with the webmaster on it, and of course a bowl of the cereal. The box reads: Web'O's "Your mom loves 'em!" Sorry, but I don't have a picture of it. The easter egg is very easy to find though, good luck!


Just saying, but "Web O's" is a pun, in Spanish, huevos translates to "Eggs".

Oh wow, how bout that. Good one Bungie.

How do you play Barcelona in this year?

Nice, I stumbled upon this one. Very clever Bungie! :)

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